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Delightful - I love her reaction to the cards sitting there with no comment from him. I found this a touch predictable, but it was still warm and enjoyable.
How amazing that they picked the same cards. A very nice story and I enjoyed reading it.
Nice word chices ( jaunty), good descriptive phrases,
( his cold cheek next to hers)and a very well written enjoyable read!
This reminded me of a recent trip to a card store—a lady was hunting through all the cards in an almost fruitless search for Christmas cards with something Biblical on them and a message which actually mentioned that now, not-politically-correct "Merry Christmas" on them. You mentioned the secretary aspect in the title and then once in the story but never went back to it. It might have been godd to have pursued that idea a little more. Nice story.
Her jumping into anger, instead of asking him if he liked the cards rings true of a newly married couple. I like that he brought in the box of cards that he bought. He sounds like a keeper to me. Very well written.
This made me smile - what a perfect couple.
This is a very sweet story with just the right touch of subtle humor. Love the twist at the end. Well done!
A wonderful love story of two souls perfectly matched. And, with a very good message about the importance of communication - especially about any elephants in the room or in this case, on the dinning room table.
Your article has captured the lack of communication many newlyweds experience very well. Totally believable for me. I enjoyed reading it. :)
I liked your use of descriptive phrases to paint the pictures in my head.
What an awesome story! Wonderful:)
This is darling. I let out a chuckle several times. My favorite was the ending, but also this inner thought dialogue here:

All through the meal, he laughed and talked with her, but he never mentioned the box of Christmas cards, sitting there like an elephant in the room, and neither of them glanced that way. Not even when they cleaned the table together and put the dishes in the dishwasher, did Lee say anything about Christmas cards.

I LOVE the way you wrote that!
This is such a sweet story...I love happy romantic endings :)