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Great story, I love the twist at the end!
A 'pretty' story, with a light touch. Guess Grandma Liz talked herself into that fall. God bless you.
This is so cute! And grandma Liz was probably surprised when she was the one to fall. You never know :-) Nice job!
Cute story with a great twist! I don't know if it was intentional, but there's kind of a POV shift from the first part to the second. But I did like it very much - nice work!
Interesting read building up the story to an intense climax and then turning it around to softer beat for closure with a mild laugh. Glad the story ended with a sense of all's well that ends well.
Lovely article, but unless my better half is writing under a pseudonym, this isn't Mrs. Hoomi.

(Shalvia, aka Mrs. Hoomi is in Beginners still) :)