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I saw the FATHERS love in this story. Thank you!!
This is a very good story about a very special light. Good job, I enjoyed this. I wish more parents could receive this commendation of a job well done.
Wow. You had me from the first word. At first, I felt bad for the dad, about how he felt about himself. But, through the teacher admitting her mistake, and the words of his daughter, I felt the load lift from his shoulders. Great Writing!
Beautiful characterization, and wonderful dialog. Excellent message as well.
What a sweet story. I could feel his embarrassment and shame as I read through it. Then I felt it being lifted from me as I read the little girl's story. Great job drawing me in.
This is a beautiful story. I love the character of the father and how it's revealed through his daughter's writing. The bossy teacher made me smile!
Great story. I liked how you unfolded the father character in the daughter's writing.
No wonder you placed high on this entry! It's truly beautiful and somehow I feel it's autobiographical in that your daughter is very likely to look at you in that light. What a special entry and what a special father this person is!
See...what a great writer you are! Congratulations!
What a precious gift your "crusty" old teacher gave your MC. Excellent character portrayals. Wonderful story. Wish this would happen more often in real life for all of those (us) just trying to do our best. :)
I can fully understand why this gained a "Highly commended" . I like the use of italics for the
speech. I may try it.