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Wow! I randomly selected one to read before I left today and all I can say about this is WOW! What great writing. I'm printing this and taking it with me. Gotta read this a few more times. There's soooo much here. wow!
This was good!
This was a good mood piece - engendering a sense of nameless dread. I would have liked just an inkling more as to what was going on - but of course there is that work limit! Nice work.
I meant "word" limit.
You painted an eerie picture of fearful expectation, woven with threads of dread, aloneness. The suspense kept building to the end. We are left with question of what this anonymous fear was that could drive God's creation to silence before it. Will this be part of a longer piece?
Solemn, suspenseful, no dramatics, expectation of the known but unknown path.
We can only surmise what, and what fate awaits. The past, present, future in God's hands. Awesome article! God bless ya
Unique, disturbing and beautiful. The symbolic use of the table with all the names carved into it is terrific. We all want to matter, to be remembered.

Anonymous Fear -- I love it. You kept the suspense up throughout because we couldn't identify the threat. Very well done. I've never seen anything like it in the Challenge.
This really captivated me! Very impressive work. I liked every part of it, the wonderment of those that had crossed this same path and the suspense of the future. GREAT job!
What happens next?
Great! Bravo! A#1. Left me wanting to read more. Thanks.
What was IT?!! Wonderful job, as usuall!
Great work. Suspenseful with a cliff-hanging ending.
Loved it! Especially liked the picnic table with names carved nice approach
Great, descriptive writing...not so great ending! I want to know what happens! And also what IT was! Then again, maybe some questions are better left unanswered. :-) Excellent job.
Blessings, Lynda
You are SO mean -don't leave us hanging- write the rest!!!!! :)