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Very good story telling.
This brings back memories of driving around, looking at Christmas lights. Thank you for this well written story.
I like the way you wove a message through the story. You also did a wonderful, realistic job of portraying family life.
My family and I do this every year! And it's one of our favorite things to do, too. There's nothing like a drive on a cold and flurry-filled night to see the lights and the imaginations and the warmth of our neighbors. I love your tie-in to the Light of the World, too.
This definitely takes me down memory lane. We had a tradition of going to see the lights. A simple experience with deep family roots. Well done.
What a great message shared by means of a well written story. This would make a great Christmas devotional. Nice Job!
A nice job. JMO on unfamilar names, they slow down the tempo. Everytime I got to the little gir's name, I stopped to wonder if it was supposed to be Ma-Kay-la or Ma-kwel-a, and I tended to forget what I just read. I know it was insignificant to the story, but I still did it each time I read her name.
Loved the message in this well-written piece. :)
You did a great job of taking a wonderful message and telling a sweet family story to illustrate it.
Very good story ... well written. I think the names were ok.
I really enjoyed reading this. We also when we are in the UK or or in Europe in december love to go and look at the decorated houses and lights. Not many people do it here. I loved the family feel and vibe.
Enjoyed the analogy - really well done 8 year old! Good piece for the topic!