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I sense this story might be part of another story, waiting to unfold. I like the simplicity of the way the conversation betwen the two plays out and the reasoning behind the lights of Christmas. Very nice!
This was a very different kind of parade than what I expected. I dnjoyed the easy conversational aproach to telling the story and presenting your gentle message.
I loved this story and it's message. The dialogue was great! But, I'm confused, why can't the girl be seen? And why had she been hiding in the darkness?
The way he talked as he set the lights around the boat was very realistic. Great job!
Very nice, Rick. Great characterization and a wonderful job with the dialogue. Nice to see Marta again :)
I've heard of these water parades... I can imagine, from your writing, how beautiful it must be. Very creative!
Ok, now I know I missed who Marta is! You HAVE to post where the rest of her story is told, or I'm going to explode with not knowing the details of her being on this boat and not being able to come to shore and why she now has hope and, well...phooey. This is well-told and I hope the rest of the story is here in this FW world somewhere! I'm hooked now...
Ah, the mysterious backstory! Well, you have me hooked with chapter one, so are you going to solve the mystery for us or leave us hanging? Great job with the dialogue and mystery element!
Great dialogue, great descriptive writing, great story ... did I mention it was great?
Marta is from Rick's Pod stories. This was good Rick. I enjoyed hearing from Marta again.
Your style is very gripping. Even in the simple act of stringing lights, you leave us with a forshadowing of danger ahead. 750 words isn't enough, is it?

I look forward to reading your book.