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I liked the creative idea behind this story. This piece seems to be missing something, though. Maybe bits of the letter the aunt wrote or that the niece is trying to write. I can see this piece being developed some more.
I agree, this is a well-written story, although I found myself wondering what was written in Aunt Sera's letters.
I REALLY hope you expand this, sweetie! I love how you show her attitude changing.
You have a wonderful beginning and could definitely expand this. I could so see you as the "glitter" aunt! You developed your characters well.
Love this! Wonderful idea.
What a great idea! I wanted a peek at one of those letters. Is this based on a true tradition, or one you hope to start?
Thanks for sharing this.
Wouldn't it be fun to do this and then to look back through all the years? My mom writes about each Christmas on the back of one Christmas card each's so fun to read what we had for dinner, the guests, etc. Great idea in this story!
What a sweet tradition. I wish I had thought of it when my kids were smaller. No time like the present.