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Creative. I enjoyed this unique story.
Well done - this was unique and had a good lesson too!
Brilliant. What a rocker!
A very poignant read and a clever way to introduce the idea, using the hourglass on your computer. The message reminded me of a tutor in my student days who challenged us to tithe our time by filling idle moments (e.g. waiting in queues) with silent prayer. We all need more 'green' minutes and fewer 'yellow' ones! Good job!
This is very good. I'm glad she took the hourglass's message to heart. Good for her. Now, the rest of us have to get busy. God Bless. I know you asked for red ink, but I honestly can't think of anything that needs to be changed.
Sorry, you weren't the one who asked for red ink :-}
I sure hope no one was around while she talked to her computer (LOL).
No seriously, I loved your creativity, and the message of the story flowed temendously.
Very creative and thought-provoking. Good lesson!
Very clever entry! I loved the perspective, and the very creative imagery. Good stuff, Angel!
You have a good story here with a wonderful message woven through it.
Well, Angela, if this is an example of your fiction, you should do more of it! this is an awesome story with a powerful punch delivered with a velvet glove. I love it! And I really need to read this over and over to myself as the Christmas season approaches. Very well done.
LOVE THIS MESSAGE!!!!! You did a fantastic job on this. I really enjoyed it!
Very creative and great (GREAT!) message. How many red dots - LOL?? Really liked the opening paragraphs, good characterization and voice.
Love the imagery of the hour glass - very profound. And its little voice simply put a well needed smile on my face! Good message, well told!

Very creative and well written. I thoroughly enjoyed the read.