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This is a compelling and shocking story, and an incredible testimony of what God canand will do in one's life.
There was some changing of tense, which probably has to do with the mix of past and present, but though I noticed it, it did not detract from the overall impact of your story.
This shows clearly the depravity of the human nature to which Adam introduced us, and from which we are saved in Yeshua. We are very much the richer for understnading that these things, rapidly on the rise in Western communities these days since we no longer outlaw witchcraft, are the alternative to a life in Christ. Thank you so much for permitting us this insight. I'm sure God will mightily use this voice to illuminate the reality of evil in this world
P.S. How amazing that this should arrive precisely when the dark side of Hallowe'en is being celebrated. Let Christians unite to create a strong voice against such things - against trick ('humorous' introduction to blackmail and opening of the heart to forms of satanism) or treat. A most timely and impportant contribution.
I'm stunned and saddened after reading this story. Glad to read about the power of Jesus to heal the trauma.
A very saddening entry. I hadn't realised such rituals happened at Christmas time. You kept me reading with your excellent writing style.
This story read true.
Please tell me, is this fiction or did it really happen?
I thought things like this only happen in Africa where I live.
If it's true, my heart goes out to you but also rejoices that you've found healing and peace.
God bless.