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I love the voice and your slant on the topic! I can relate. I have a well-loved mixer that probably won't last much longer, but doesn't owe me a thing. Your story made me a little sad for it. :)
Super creative. I really enjoyed this. At first I thought it might be a stove relating its experiences. Well done.
Angela, it's not cheesy at all. It is unique and a fun read. I'm still laughing.
I liked your creative entry. I kept guessing the pov character--thought stove or other objects. Very clever--not cheesy!
I think this is cute. Not cheesy. I did get pretty early on that it was a mixer or beater or something like that. But, this is a well written, fun read.
LOL -- I love your humor. Your food list is …over the top. This is great, "the price tag on those new sissy colored models…" Then the sarcastic "Ho-Ho-Ho" at the end is so funny. :)
Loved it! The POV was super! Creative piece.
Oh, SO cute and fun. Love the voice of this, Angela. Not sure what I would have titled it, either--but your story is super for the topic.
Oh my, you are so witty. Wowzer. Great fun to read. :)
Ho-ho-ho... so clever. Loved the unique POV. Angela, you're a whiz-bang story mixer :)
Ho-Ho-Ho - what a great line! I love this idea....I thought it was the stove, too. Great work - very creative.
I had a suspicion that this was a kitchen utensil talking, but I wasn't completely sure until the end. I love how you ended this with the mixer talking about the price tags and the ho-ho-ho. Haha. Really fun and creative stuff here. So good to see you back in the challenge, Angela. :)