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Ridiculous fun! A very creative entry....and I'm pretty sure I know who wrote this....
I'm laughing out loud. Great job.
Pop-Tart Genocide LOL what a hoot!

A very creative entry - I think I know who wrote it too.

Keebler and Chip had better be quick if they want to rescue the fudge, I just love homemade fudge.

This is great! I love the imagery of the cookies, and especially of the fruitcake. What a funny, creative take on the topic.
What an imagination! This is hilarious.
I love this - so out of the box or should I say the cookie jar! Only thing is I'm going to feel guilty when I next eat a gingerbread man...
You are sooo creative, (not to mention hilarious)! Love the image of "a semi-sweet morsel to drop off his round chest." LOL …just one question… how old is the fruitcake in your story? :) This is super fun to read, Josh!
LOL!! I began to write a story similar to this. I'm glad I didn't, you did an incredible job. I could see the cookies in their rescue mission. YOu captivated me.
This is awesome!! So not like many others!! LOLOLOLOOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLO
This was like a sweet episode of the Twilight always, entertainingly original :) Angel
Hilarious!! Josh, you nailed it with the humor again... Kudos
Oh the creativity! Hilarious good fun. Each paragraph delights anew - it keeps getting better as the comedy and the action pick up steam. Love it!
You get an "A" on creativity. You really know how to think outside the box...or jar! My only teeny, tiny personal thought: I kept wanting Keebler to be the boss and Chip to be on the one learning. Chip seems like a younger name to me (Maybe I'm thinking "chip off the ol' block??) Good job.
This is off the charts creative. I chuckled out loud more than once.

The last line is priceless. Thumbs up.
Thanks for the reminder to use the nonstick spray--sure don't want to hurt any little sensitive brown men! Clever, as usual!
Great Job! The 'fuzzy green arms and legs' and the 'poptart genocide' are just a few classic lines for this piece. Thanks for the laugh!
Your unending humor is fantastic, Josh. God has richly gifted you. Thanks for sharing. :)
What a perspective and the humor - loved every bite! VERY creative and unique perspective. Thanks!
Ha, ha, ha!!!! You sound like a little boy playing with his the dialogue. I won't eat another gingerbread man again without thinking about this story.

BTW...thanks for reading and commenting. You are a great encourager!
You are NUTS, Josh -absolutely NUTS. I KNOW you had a blast writing this. You are absolutely a master at this humor. Wonderful.
I must say it again, THIS IS FUN!
I loved it!
Oh. my. gooooooooooodness.

You are the creative cookie, aren't you? Wow, this game me the perfect end to a long day. Thank you for using your gifts to uplift and refresh. And to spew liquids onto laptops.
Very creative and funny. Thanks for making me laugh.
I thought I'd check the results before I head off to church. Congrats on making the top ten again. This was so much fun. I hope I don't feel too much guilt the next time I start my holiday baking. Poor little guys. (giggle)