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Oh my, now you've made me cry! What a wonderful storyline, and I love this character you've created. Well done wrapping her around the topic!
Excellent. The MC's voice is perfect for the story and I liked how you blended in the cookie baking with her emotions.
I love the voice of your MC. This story kept me interested throughout. Your opening sentence was very strong. Nicely done!
I could so feel the sadness and loneliness of your mc. I'm glad Dad got a good cookie and sympatized with her plight concerning the party. Well written.
You drew me right into this girl's world, and you didn't let go. Wow. I felt the anger, the hurt, the sadness, and the joy of bringing back a Christmas that had been forgotten with the death of her mother. Kudos to you for writing such an emotional and well-written piece.
This is wonderful. I felt Tess's sadness and anger. I love how she baked the cookies as a way of holding on to memories of Christmas past. You grabbed me with the first line and had me hooked. Great job!
Bittersweet is a perfect description. I imagine that knowing that she has her father's love, she could endure a lot now. Poor girl. Your writing is so good with this! I was captivated!
Ahhh....'tears'... so sad and sweet! It's so beautiful and full of all kinds of emotions. Great job!
Excellent characterization, and an absolutely beautiful story. Tessa's emotions seem SO realistic. Very, VERY nicely done, dear.
I'm glad Tessa came out the victor. You did an excellent job of drawing the reader into the MC's conflict.
I loved this. Very nice work. There were some very minor typos, though, but it didn't detract much from the story. Great job:)
Your title fits perfectly with the story. Well done in the telling. I found myself standing next to Tessa as she prepared the cookies.
Very realistic - I was able to identify perfectly with your MC. Excellent writing - I loved how the story turned out - this is a top-notch piece!