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ROFL! You have put a very creative and entertaining face on this stereotype, and I loved the ending. I'm one of the rare people who actually likes fruitcake. It's been a few years since we were gifted with one, and I got it all to myself!
I love fruitcake too. LOL This a wonderfully funny and satirical treat.
Oh, this is fabulous! What a fun piece. And, while I hate the commercial fruitcake, my mother-in-law made one that I loved. Maybe her recipe would solve all our problems, LOL!

Thanks for writing this great entry!
This is cute and fun! I smiled throughout. I love the witty dialogue. This is a well written, creative take on the topic. Great job!
"Our studies have revealed that even bacteria dont like fruitcake."

LOL to that and so many other clever lines in this hilarious piece! You did what I wanted to do with my entry this week, but I ended up running out of words. My fruitcake does chase off some cookies though, because he is angry from not being shown any love.

Haha. One of my favorites this week. I love how fruitcake is responsible for global warming. Spectacular job with this! You put a huge grin on my face. :)
In 3 words: FAB - U - LOUS
Priceless! so creative and SOO true... CONGRATS!
LOL - thanks for the laugh! What a fun and creative read! You nailed it. Congrats on your EC
What a wonderful read, very clever, and a well deserved EC. Congratulations.
I have to admit, the first couple of paragraphs didn't grab me, and you have a few grammar errors, but you kept my attention, and then drew me in with the hilarity and I forgot all about them. And I LOVE the ending! Priceless. Great writing. Congratulations on 2nd place!!!
Wow! I loved this... How creative and hilarious! Super congrats on your EC!
Very, very amusing, especially the "even bacteria dont like fruitcake" line and the fruitcakes leading to global warming.
Scott, this is great. I thought, rather than eat new fruitcakes, you were going to have him eat the old ones. So in that light, it ended on a good note. Very funny and creative--congrats on your win.