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ROFL! Is this what I have to look forward to in five years? Loved the humor, and the ending!
Wonderful! Full of fun and emotion. Great job!
This is such a fun story. I love it.
Oh, this is so funny! I really like the ending, with the couple swapping tree purchases and making up.
ha, ha ! I love it! Have you been listening to my husband and me? Poor Manny...he'll understand someday.
I like the word tree-tise, It describes our house most years. (I'm hoping to get a soft pine this year too! ..but don't tell my hubby!)
So funny!!! The humor is in the very loving manipulation going on here. Love the "needle retention" as I've never thought of a tree being uptight. The firs fly, but romantic sparks do too, combating that empty nest syndrome. Very witty and entertaining. I'm rooting for this one!
Nice job on this. I like the twost with the wife gand husband both giving in at the end.
I thoroughly enjoyed this heartwarming story about love and compromise. There is a nice flow and you kept my attention from word one. Very nice!
I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful take on the topic. I could picture the couple bantering back and forth like only a couple of 30 years marriage could. Great job!
Love this! How funny but so sad, too. Can't imagine a Christmas without kids around. Very good job!
The interactions of the characters are hilarious and the dialogue draws the reader into the scenes. Excellent writing!
Perfect! And that title...very clever! This is top-notch writing and characterization and besides all that, just plain fun to read! This will be a wonderful story to share at Christmas. ( :
I loved this one! Excellent writing....really captures the moment. Nice work. :)
I remember the Lillian Vernon catalog of so many fun things. :) What a fun, wonderful story. One I totally understand we've been married 30 years. LOL This is great!!
I LOVE IT! (LOL) This sounds something like me and my husband, though we've only been married 18 yrs.
Very creative.
So much information about this family you have packed into the 750 word limit. Action flows, detail is complete. Felt sorry for Porter - he got quite a workout! :)
Excellent plot, characters, and dialogue. Just loved everything about this entry. Angel
This is perfect. I suspect an EC is coming your way tomorrow.
"Sanity is overrated." Priceless. This gave me a big fat grin. Cheers!
Congratulations on your EC. The voice of this is really cute...and I kept picturing her showing up at the Scout's lot.
Congratulations on 3rd Place!
LOL! This is too good, congrats on the win!
This has to be among the wittiest entries I have read yet on FW. You have great talent in being able to combine humour with 'making a moral point'.