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LOL Wow....thanks for the warning....I think I'll skip that idea! :) Nice work.
Great title for this piece. You've some magical spurts of personification here and there that add to the humor, like the "applauding pine needles." It bothered me that the handsaw seemingly just appeared as I was still picturing you or the MC in the recliner. That distracted me a little. The overuse of "stupid" kind of distracted me too. But, you may have been trying to thread that in as a joke on yourself/MC and as a means of reinforcing the theme and title. The compulsive power trip with the chainsaw was very convincingly rendered. I could totally feel that adrenaline rush. I did, however, wonder why the MC could cut down the tree and yet not dispose of it. If she was powerful enough to do one, why not the other? You may want to add something in about having tried and been unable to drag it out yourself. Unique and engaging piece. : )
Great piece! I enjoyed the vivid descriptions, especially of her manic mission. You had me smiling. Very Nice.
Ha,ha, ha...I cringed when you mentioned the chain saw! Then when you lit the fire, I held my breath, knowing that it would burst out in flames and even worried about all the needles on the floor! Don't do that to me!
This story gave me a good laugh. Your descriptions were very vivid and I could picture every move.
Very funny. Very creative. Is there a hint of reality to this? Thanks for the laugh!
Hilarious! I hope this wasn't written from first-hand experience (would you tell if it were?!). I could easily imagine every funny scene!
Wait a minute...I just went back and read your hint...don't TELL me you did this?! Oh, I wish I could've been there-LOL!
Yes, I really did this and it was VERY hard to share under 750 words! While writing it, I couldn't believe all the details I was recalling. It wasn't until the end however, that God spoke to me about the lesson He's been trying to get me to learn through this event. I finished writing it very convicted.

To explain why I could handle a chainsaw but couldn't drag the tree out...originally I mentioned it during the phone call but edited for word count. The tree was not only 8' tall, but over 6' wide. With the netting on we barely got it IN the door, so we knew it would be worse trying to push it OUT...which is why my husband kept finding excuses to put off removing it before he returned to work.
I had to read this out loud to my husband. As soon as I got to the chainsaw I looked up in time to see his expression change from "Why are you reading me this story" to a grin saying "Oh no, not the chain saw?"
Yes, Angel, I was LOL - what an experience! Thanks for sharing it. Great detail!!
I can relate to the husband putting off... In frustration and "let him have it" attitude, I can see myself doing something similar, although not as extreme, LOL.
I also love how God speaks to us through our impetuous behavior.
Great job re-telling the story.
Hysterically funny! Honestly, this is a riot. All you need is duct tape. You know you're a red neck when..... What a hoot!
I love this. I can just picture it all exactly as you described it. Great writing, with the message coming through clearly.
Angela, I'm going to feature this on the front page showcase for the week of Dec. 13. Look for it on the FaithWriters home page--and congratulations!
I can so relate to this story! I love the analogy!! Wonderful job cutting it down to 750 words--must've been the chain saw!