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Well written, good grammar, and a good story. I like the flow and the child's letter. Nicely done.
That one really tugged at my heartstrings. Thank you for this work.
Sweet story!
I like the child's point-of-view to help the adult see the good in the season. Perspective can make the difference.

There were some punctuation errors that I would enourage you to check. I'm not sure if the semi-colon was appropriate in the first paragraph, and you had a run-on sentence later. A few minor changes and the story should read smoothly.

Good descriptions (the headache was relatable!)
And a little child shall lead them, right? Beautifully done.
You draw your reader into the scene with vivid descriptions and the little boy's voice is perfect. Great job with topic.
I like your characterizations and the story is well done....though it did feel like two different stories. I wish you had more words to write in detail. :) Nice work.
I loved the sentiments expressed by the child. I too shall look forward to singing with the angels one day.
Ahhh.... so sad and beautiful. Isn't it often that way, that children can bring beauty out of something painful? Thank you for writing this.
Wait a minute . . . What's the deal? I didn't see a tissue alert posted anywhere. LOL

This is a wonderful story, very touching. The surrender by the mother to sing her son to sleep with a carol got to me. Great writing.
I'm glad your sad, sweet story continued on a happier note.
This is a real tear jerker. I agree that it could have been two separate stories, but I think the transition between the church and the home was done well. It all fit together nicely.

I especially loved how you ended with the song "O Holy Night." It is my absolute favorite Christmas carol.

So good to see you back in the challenge, Lynne. I really missed your entries. :)
Beautiful... absolutely beautiful. I loved how you brought the child's perspective in... and I LOVE you ending it w/ O Holy Night, as it's my favorite Christmas Carol. Well done.
Beautiful job, Lynne. You put so much feeling into everything you create. Great! :)