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Oh, how sad! I wonder why Mrs. Jessop is the way she is? Well-written story!
I think Mrs. Jessop was the Grinch and Scrooge all rolled into one. :) I enjoyed this unusual creative Christmas story.
I like how you were able to give the characters such personality in such a small amount of time.

I would encourage you to brush up on punctuation. It's a pretty common stumbling block. Review comma usage - it can smooth out of chop up a piece.

Again, nice characterization. It makes me wish there was time to further develope their stories.
I love Mrs. Jessop--you portrayed her personality wonderfully.

I was a little confused as to what happened at the end...why they weren't singing. But I'm sure the word limitation caused you to have to condense.

Good dialogue. It felt realistic.
You did a good job capturing the readers interest right from the beginning. This was a well-written story. You are a gifted story-teller.
You did a great job of characterizing each member of the choir, and the choir as a body. I got a good picture of them and their sad situation. The turn in the story and the ending seemed a bit rushed to me; but the word count must have confined you. :) Cat
What a bittersweet story. Well written!
Your raised some interesting issues. Your dialogue was well written, and I enjoyed the input of all your characters.
Lovely story and beautifully told. Your characters are very real. So glad they were singing my favourite carol.
Blessings, Norms
What a great story. I'd like to see something happen that softens Mrs. Jessop's heart.
Thank goodness for the precious Meredith's in our midst; so glad she whispered that she still wanted to sing. :)
You really gave us something to think about with this piece. Where are our hearts? Well done.
Great opening paragraph and excellent characterization. I felt I knew the choir members. Very enjoyable.
I thought you did excellent work of portraying the different characters. I thought it could have continued on, but you did have a satisfying conclusion. :) Nice work.
As the kids in our church grew up, our caroling has diminshed too. ...sad!
I was hoping for a newcomer, a stranger to come in and put a new spark into the group.
This has a wonderful wisp of one my favorite Christmas time stories. Your characterization is superb. Great job!
You have excellent characterization, especially Mrs. Jessop.
Commas? What commas? I was too caught up in the story to notice! Good job!
I really like how each character has his/her own unique personality. Thanks for sharing, Chrissy. :)
Your descriptions of the old hall was great, especially The only sound was the occasional creaking of the rafters and the wood-rotted door rattling with the slightest breeze, and your characterisation - especially David and Mrs Jessup - were excellent. Great story.