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I really enjoyed this entry. Everything you have said is so true. Too often we only think of the baby in the manger, we tend to forget the crucified Lord. Blessings,
Yes, you got this right. How many times is Christ's birth celebrated and yet his death is ignored? How wonderful that you combined both messages here. I especially like that you wrote it in your beginning poem "Of the Atonement you died to do." You have so much truth compressed in this Christmas message. I like your mention of "from the foundation of the world, God prepared the sacrifice for our sins.." Your ending is powerful, "OUR LORD YASHUA! YOU TRULY ARE THE PURE LAMB OF GOD OF BOTH THE LOWLY MANGER AND THE MAGNIFICENT REDEMPTIVE CROSS." To your "Oh that Jesus was now here!" …. My reply is "Soon!"
Nice Christmas meditation--it almost read as sermon-like. Well-done.