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Out of the mounth's of babes, a little child shall lead them - yes!
True, out of the mouth of babes. I'd like to say I had a "light" neighbor without the true spirit of Christmas but too often it's my heart without the Baby Jesuth - it's just not as noticeable as "those" neighbors.

Thank you for sharing. Well written. God bless and keep writing.
I liked Josiah lots!
Very sweet story! Children have such a wonderful way of reminding us what's truly important. :-)
The material-minded mc was fortunate to have such a wise little son. You created a delightful character in him.
A very good lesson for all of us to remember during this holiday season. It's so easy to get caught up in the commercial part of Christmas and forget the true meaning. Go Josiah! Tell it like it is! :)
I've seen these yards! :) This is heart-warming and precious! I could hear little Josiah speak every word with his missing teeth. Your " 'new and improved' Santa Claus" made me smile. :)
Thank you Josiah for bringing us back to earth!
This was great.
I wanted to slap that lady - I'm glad she had a change of heart. Very nice entry. :)