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Very interesting take on Job--and a very creative way to look at this week's topic.

My only suggestion is to somehow make us feel Joe's anguish a bit more. I just never felt much emotion from him, even after such a horrible series of events.

This is clever and I enjoyed it a lot.
This story was well told and was very relatable to Job's story and to many of our own. I enjoyed it. But what I enjoyed most is the main character's love for Christ, which shined through richly. My favorite part of the story is when he cried to Jesus and said "I love you," even after he'd lost everything. That is a lesson for me and for all Christians.
I LOVE what you did with this, especially this, "I whispered, I love You Jesus." This is so creative!
Very unique angle. Modernizing the story was creative.
Wow, this is very very good. And creative as usual. We just don't know half the torment that man experienced, do we? But somehow Job's story gives us confidence that we can make it through our problems. Incredible take on the topic.
A modernized Job? Very good.
What a great take on the topic. I love what you did with the book of Job. Kudos.
What a wonderful message packed into this fabulous story. Excellent!
Great way to modernize Job. I liked the hint he was going to get a new wife.
How in the world could you cover all that in 750 words? Nice work - very creative. I think if you had spent more time on the last scene rather than the others, it would have kept closer to the topic. Nice work with a very original idea,'s a great change of pace.