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How often do we make Christmas about us and our feelings during the season? You wrapped that up quite nicely.
You have captured well the struggle of dealing with changes in our lives. When we are dissatisfied with where we are, our hearts are not ready to give to others.
My daughter in Florida is going through the same thing this year!

I like her responsiveness to the Lord's promptings, but I was a bit disappointed in the last paragraph, where snow fell after all. It seemed to negate the lesson she had learned.

Very good job with her internal conflict and struggles...a strong entry.
What a great message! But somehow wished it hadn't snowed.

That aside, this is written with an honesty that makes it so believable that it connects the readers to the MC in a way that makes them nod their head in complete understanding. Not always an easy thing to do, but you did it! Great job.
Beautiful message in a wonderful story. Great job my friend.
Awesome message, well received.
Great writing showing the MC's voice and wonderful message, too.
Having moved from Nebraska to Texas myself, I completely understand the reaction to a warm Christmas. As follow-up, this isn't a criticism...its something that popped up as I was reading: I think the following sentence, "Now, in Oregon, where I come from..." could come across a little better. Perhaps removing the "Now" ... still, it was a good read and message. :)
I spent one Christmas season in a summer climate with flowers blooming and could identify well with your mc. Your conflict is presented excellently, as well as your mc's seeking heart.
A great message of remembering what's really important...not how we "feel". Very nice!
Well, I thought it was a great story - if it is a true story, it definitely sounds like something God would do....He has that great sense of humor. If not a true story, still amazing writing. Thanks for sharing!
Pamela, I love your descriptions about your MC's heart being encased in ice. The conversation with the Lord was nicely done. Loved your title too.

I've had 60 Christmases, and all of them have been over 80 degrees. One day maybe...