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What a wonderful message woven into the story. Great job!
This story didn't go where I expected--I'm always grateful for that!

I don't understand why Jenny didn't just stay home. I would have. One less caroler would usually be no big deal...and it seems like the fellow picked a strange time to talk to's probably just too-logical me thinking "would it really happen like that?"

I like her transformation at the end...nicely done.
Nicely done. I always enjoy reading your work.
I loved the descriptions of the families and their reactions to the carollers.
And the MC had beleivability. I liked it!
"How faithful have I really been?" What a wonderful question that we should constantly ask ourselves. Thank you for the finely crafted reminder!
Your writing has the gift of putting the reader there. You took me caroling in October. LOL Wonderful job.
Good story with a lovely message. I loved the descriptions of the families, especially the family trying to hold back an excited german shepherd. I know that feeling only too well.
You truly presented you title with your story. I wasn't too crazy about John; he had good advice...but at the Christmas caroling! I liked her decision.
An important message for Christian singles (and everyone else) to remember. My prayer is that we will all keep our eyes focused on Jesus.

Great entry with a great message! Thanks for sharing! :)
Good story with a great message. It is so easy to focus on a person more than the Lord. I'm glad Jenny saw the truth and could accept it. I didn't like John much for some reason, even though he gave wise advice. Good descriptions. Well done.

You had me from the first line of this story and held me throughout. I didn't like John either. He could have gently explained these things as they were dating. But I love the message. It's true in all relationships. God Bless. Great Job!