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So many tales of battlefield peace and cooperation at Christmas! Oh that it was not only upon this one day that we put our differences aside. Silent Night in German...I can hear it peaceful! Thank you for the touching story.
A very touching story - very well told. God bless you.
It's sad that one night of peace can't last. Touching story with a true ring to it.
Oh what a lovely, lovely story! God bles you...I felt I was among them...and shared the fear...the duty...then the God dictated reaction of the heart that ended in Victory even thru
one night.

Thank you dear keep the realistic writing....Amen
A very moving story and well told. I enjoyed this very much, thank you. Well done.
Wonderful! I love "I Heard the Bells...." and it's not done nearly as often as some of the other carols. I loved this story.
Very touching. I enjoyed the tale.

The use of "he" for all characters made it a bit confusing. In the 6th paragraph I wasn't sure if he meant the German or the American soldier. A bit more clarification would keep the rhythm going.

Nice job.
Enjoyed this. I agree with the 'he' thing, kind of confusing.
Good job on setting the mood!
A beautifully written, haunting tale. Well done.
Yay! I feel like cheering! :) You lifted my heart with this excellent story of "peace on Earth" at Christmas.
This was really good Hoomi, I Heard the Bells is one of my favorites. Thank you for an up-liftiing story.
It is God alone who can bring unity to church, family or nations. This is a good example. Thank you.
This is a creative take on the topic and I love the thought of peace, if only for a short time...very interest story.
A very moving story.Thanks for bringing back memories of my dad telling us a similar story.
For me, this was one of this week's best stories, masterfully written.
Excellent writing - a very touching story. I don't know how you can punch these out only hours after the topic is're obviously a genius. :)