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There are so many Christmas angels out there, waiting to bless our lives. Other than a few spelling bumps, this was a touching story.
Nice story with a happy ending. Except for some typos, I enjoyed the sweetness and sincerity of this.
Oh I did enjoy this! Yes there were a couple of typos, but it was a lovely story and I'm a sucker for happy endings. Wll done.
Very heartwarming--people who like angel stories will eat this up.

The misspelled words really became quite distracting--one or two more edits before posting (you had plenty of time!)might catch those.

Good job creating atmosphere in this story.
Very touching. I like the attention to details, such as his self-consciousness about his hair and smell.

Double check punctuation - it can smooth out or chop up a story. Some lines didn't read as cleanly as they could have if the commas had been double checked.

Overall, heartwarming.