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I think we've all had moments like this, when nothing in life makes sense and when we wonder if all that we've done is worth it. You've captured one of those moments perfectly, and also written a wonderful husband! Very, very well done. The small details, like the picture of Pamela, really make this piece stand out.
I love your opening sentence, "Not all moments are created equal." I also liked your mention of the "Ebenezer" stones (and the green car from the game). We have a few of those Ebenezer monuments too. Excellent writingsuch a wonderful story and message!
Some of your phrases are so memorable.."nothing like guilt to fuse it onto sorrow..". Beautifully written, particularly the husband characterisation.
Wow. I like this powerful, well-written piece. There are so many wonderful details here that make this special. Very well done!
I enjoyed everything about the story, the vivid details, characterization, and message are all wonderful. Excellent!
This was good. Almost haunting in a way. I'm glad things worked out for her and she could climb out of her despair. Good job.
Wow. This is really good. I love the openeing line too. Great take on the topic. I'm glad she came around. :-)
Your emotion-packed piece is outstanding writing, beginning to end.
I really like this. You managed to balance the right amount of showing and telling, as well as the right amount of reality with emotion. Well done.
The title really gave me insight into who and what the green car was representing! Wonderful and full of real emotions. I know without those moments of remembering when God was faithful to me, the hard times in my life would have been almost impossible to bear. Loved reading this.
You're not in Masters' yet? Why not? This piece is incredible - beautifully written. Excellent work, as usual. Hope you get an EC! :)
Boy, you really grabbed a kind of woman's mid-life crisis here. "I did all the things expected of me....and where am I" Lots of powerful messages packed into this one. I always forget what an "Ebenezer" is--I think I'll remember now.
Wow, this was so real. I could see and sense her meltdown...superb writing.
I can't count the number of times that I have felt the same frustrations that this woman felt. This is a very real piece, taken not from made up words, but from reality. Good job with this one!
Lisa, you have so skillfully woven a story that reaches right into the depths of a reader's heart. We all know those deep places, don't we... very familiar times when deep calls to deep. Wonderful writing, from concept to every chosen detail!