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Very tenderly written--I like this entry a lot.
Your opening paragraph is so inviting and descriptive, "calls of seagulls rang" and "ocean's steady breeze left a salty taste." I liked where this took me, that the child was your MC's granddaughter. This heart-warming story is beautifully written.
This story was moving and descriptive. As I read it, I could see the grandmother sitting there in the sand dune looking out at the beach and at her granddaughter playing,and reflecting on wonderful memories. But what I especially enjoyed is how she has not given up on life after the death of her husband and daughter; and is looking forward to carving future memories with her son-in-law and granddaughter. You're gifted. Great job.
Absolutely lovely! Your words paint vivid pictures. Your story evokes both sadness and hope most beautifully. Well done.
This was good. I liked it a lot.

I don't know that you needed to identify all the people still in her life. Your earlier descriptions made it clear who was who.

Great job. Keep writing!
THe opening paragraph is so wonderful and made me want to read and read. Your words flow and are so well chosen. Really, really excellent writing. Bravo.
Lovomg on the mountains I miss the ocean most of all and you captured it here. Along with the grief and the going on after. Good writing and I enjoyed it.
Very moving story. Your descriptive words set the scene nicely. Life can be sad, but God never leaves us completely alone. Great job!
Your style flows so beautifully, and your message is subtly woven in. Excellent piece of writing.
Oh how beautiful! It made me cry, first with empathy for Sandra, then with joy over the treasure of a grandchild and a place to go for comfort.