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Great characterization, and perfect ending.

I was a little bit confused about her relationship with Ricky--if they had broken up, I understand her desperate act, but it appears at the end that they haven't.

Very beautiful writing in this story!
This is very well-written. Your description of Ricky as "one of those 'nice jeans' kind," says so much. I had to sing the song in my mind as I read this. Your depiction of the game that went on at the clinic was so chilling (with the "woman behind the desk" and the police not taking action at the rock-thrower).
I've been with those singing outside, getting stones tossed at us. Our constant prayer was that what were doing could be used by God to reach someone, to save just one life. Then it would all be worth it.

Good Story.
This is beautiful. I love the way you weave the song in and out.
This is so very touching and well done. I loved the ending! Thank-you.
Beautiful story on such a heartwrenching topic. Well done.
Wow! This is very well written. Achingly true. If only more people would run towards God, instead of away from Him in times of trouble, the world would be a happier place.

Great job.
You had me wondering and guessing all the way through what Angel was doing in the office. I like the way you wove it all together.
A beautiful and desperately needed message. Loved it.
Abortion is such a sad thing, and it's great seeing stories like this that promote life. I wish you had more than 750 words to work with, because I would have liked to know more about Angel's and Ricky's relationship. You did a fine job with this. Thank you for sharing. :)