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I liked this. You're right. Life is much more than a game. Great tie-ins to games, though. I almost wonder if maybe life IS like a bowl of cherries? I mean, cherries have pits just like life. And some of the cherries may be rotten. ;) Great job overall.
Interesting thoughts. Life is truly NOT a game. However, there is a board game called The Game of Life. It has little to do with reality, but is a good diversion like the other games you mentioned.
Life is anything but a game. Well told story. Thanks for the thoughts.
Dear 'Peanut Gallery', thank you for your challenge. I agre that 'life is not just a game - it is a gift'. But it does need a certain strategy - if we are to recognize and avoid the pitfalls and temptations. We need financial know-how, integrity before the Lord. And we need certain 'dictionary smarts' to avoid the common accusations made today that "the Bible doesn't mean that". Paul does make the comparison of life with a race, and it is an ineresting allegory. Just a small tip - watch your use of capitals. God bless you.