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Excellent writing! You've captured the moment perfectly.
Oh my goodness... WOW... I have no words. I hope this wins!
Very skilled writing. I love how you have the specific sins with each lash.
This was beyond incredible. Wow...
Words fail me except to say this was heart wrenchingly amazing.
I don't have words myself to express how good this is. I have read countless Biblical reinactments that have yawned me into a coma, but you have expressed perfectly what Jesus' death was all about.
Excellent and heart wrenching. I hope this piece places high. Thank you.
Wow, praise God, Praise God!

Thank you for writing about the wonderful price That Jesus paid for a sinner such as I..

Isaiah 53:5

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

This should be a winner..!!

I'm in awe! Masterful writing on what our Savior paid for all. It had to have been inspired.
Josh, I had to add an additional note...I have been looking forward to knowing the author of this entry. It is one of the best I have read on FW's!
Excellent writing. You took the reader there and we saw (and heard) afresh the "price he paid."
Absolutely, positively INCREDIBLE. I am glad you sent me to this, Josh. This is SO obviously inspired by God. I felt every crack of the whip, and I don't think I breathed the whole time I was reading it. WOW.
Wow. This was at the same time wonderful and terrible to read. It must have been incredibly difficult, emotionally to write. (I have recently finished a piece that was like that for me). Thank you for being the Lord's vessel for this amazing work!
Excellent! Hearbreaking, soul wrenching account of what our Lord suffered for us. Wow! God bless you for writing this.
Josh, I can hardly see with the tears. I think this is probably your best work so far. The work that you put into this is more than obvious. I'll be stunned if it doesn't place. Well done, my friend. You're on your way to level 4.
Your writing is so descriptive. I felt his pain. I felt the shame. You are a fantastic writer. We serve an AWESOME GOD!
You took us there. You made us feel the pain. You helped us to see the mystery behind the sacrifice.
Thank you.
Poetically beautiful, and vibrates a truth that impacts the soul itself. Masterfully done and inspired.
Go Sarah, Sarah, Sarah!

Palin power! Lipstick in every house!

Whether or not this is about Sarah Palin (can't imagine it would be - Vice President named Sarah, purely a coincidence I'm sure), it makes even us men proud to see a woman stand up and prove she can do it!
Ouch, how did my comment get on this article? Computer error for sure.

As for this article, I've read it three times now and am awed by His sacrifice for me. God bless and keep writing.
Bravo! Beautifully executed! The weight of what He did baffles me every time I stop to really consider it. You've given us a unique way of relating to it and seeing it afresh. Really wonderful work, Josh. Thank you for allowing God to share it through you.
You have described the passion of Christ following the trail leading to His agonizing death in such imagery that evokes not only emotions but also draw readers to tears. Great piece of inspired work with a triumphant ending.
Thank you Josh for listening to the prodding of the LORD.

You placed me there, on the side-lines as I watched the entire scene.

I think sometimes we forget the magnitude of the price HE paid for us all, and tend to take for granted our salvation. I know I have been guilty, but thankfully, there's grace and forgiveness.

Thank you again. THis one needs to be shared!
It's hard to add anymore to the fitting comments already mentioned. So let me simply say, "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13
Thanks for sharing!
This is painful to read, but oh, so well said.
WOW - this was inspired for sure. Thank you.
Where you have gone with your writing does not surprize me. You have always put God first on FW. Your faithfulness will take you places you never dreamed you would be lead.

It's Wednesday, no winners yet, but I still commend you for such an outstanding soul winning entry. If (when?) it wins a ribbon or EC, you'll be commended again for that accomplishment as well.
Absolutely anointed. I worshipped.
Add another WOW! I cannot add anything to the comments you received already. Great job.
Awesome, awesome, awesome! I read this with my jaw hanging open. I would like to keep this one and read it over and over again. I'd like to share it with my pastor--would you mind if I asked him to put it in our church bulletin?

You are more than welcome to use the article in your church bulletin. All I ask is that I get credited as the author and that none of the writing is modified (which I know you wouldn't do). It would also be cool to get a copy of the bulletin if you would be able to give me one, but if not you still have my permission to use it. :)

So glad this is blessing people...Praise God!