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Very creative… This is a great acrostic, "Stop Now And Pray" I like the truth of this, "We look forward to the wonderful things God will do in our church, our homes, and our community as we make the decision to Stop Now And Pray."
Love the idea of SNAP to help remember others in prayer. Great message.
I love this idea! I've been trying to do this same thing on my emails. When someone says, "Will you pray about...?" I reply with a prayer. Thank you for writing this.
Great job! Very good idea, and a great application of the topic.
I love your acronym and take on the topic.
What a great idea! I love this...a challenge entry that I can apply and use in my life. Thumbs up!
I've heard this before, but not in this manner. The acrostic was a nice touch!
May we all make a SNAP decision!
A great take on the topic! I love the acrostic. Some great advice in here. This is something I try to do as well (pray immediately). Hopefully, I *also* follow through on my good intentions of adding the request to my list and giving it more prayer, but in case I don't, I have at least prayed once. Thanks for the message.
I like the way you spelled this all out for us (pun intended). This is such good advice with a simple method of remembering it.
This is awesome! Very well put-together and with a message we all need to hear!
Very creative and a great message. Great job.
Great and encouraging word. I am going to write SNAP on my desktop and try to remember it with those in my life.