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I enjoyed the fact that the car was name "Carla. :) Your ending message with the pastor's words about the "straight and narrow road" was a very good tie-in with your story. Our desert town is on the old Route 66 so I especially enjoyed this story.
'The roaring sound of Carlas engine turned into the beeping sound of a heart monitor'
WOW. What a transition! And in more ways than one! Brilliant.
Your title roped me in and the action kept me there. You did a great job on describing Jenna, and the abrupt change of scenery at the high point of the race was brilliant. Well done!
Great action packed article! Very riveting. The background information is helpful but draws the attention out of the moment....I think you could achieve the same result if a lot of it was implied rather than explained, and that would give you more room to expand the plot line. Overall, excellent writing as usual. :)
Great title! Really strong entry, too.
The transition between street race and hospital bed was great, and the pastor's line at the end really good too. Well done.
A very intense story. Your writing kept me spell-bound right to the end, hoping against hope that Jared will come to his senses. Wish you can continue the story somewhere to put a 'happy ending' closure to the story. I like the pastor's approach in using a road Jared has yet to travel which is straight and narrow.
This is quite the adrenaline-pumping story! You did a wonderful job with it. I wish you had been allowed more words because it seemed a little rushed at the end, and yet everything you wrote added strength and meaning to the story, so I wouldn't want anything left out.
Hey, a Christian twist on the Fast and the Furious. Definitely a testesterone-powered read. Your title said it all.

That's all i need to say.