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Very interesting and creative. Your MC's relationship and longing for her mother was compelling. You had me wanting to know more. You are a very skillful writer.
This is masterful all takes place in seconds, yet you tell a complete story rich in characterization. And I love the last line, with its depth of meaning.
Your writing is packed with emotion and introspection. I could feel myself reaching out with you to try to lift up that purse strap.
Very well done. I like the way you took something seemingly insignificant, the purse strap, and made it important. Two thumbs up.
What a fascinating picture. The pressing of the flesh, the should strapvery good. I was caught by the idea of too much pressure, too long, and the flesh has to dietremendous biblical truth in that. Well done.
This is so well done. I can relate to the introspection of your MC. Being able to write about it in such a compelling way takes talent.
Excellent writing! I wasn't sure where the story was going but you have an amazing way of bringing it all together. :)
Wow. I love how you tied this all together. The flesh of the woman in front of her, the purse strap, all leading to introspection and bringing the beginning of much needed healing in her relationship with her mom. Masterfully done.
Amazing story and skillfully written. You draw your reader into the scene with vivid descriptions. Excellent!
Wow! I was completely drawn in in just the first few words. You've written volumes in a small space...wonderful!
This is absolutely extraordinary. Wonderful writing. Such an in-depth story being told in what I imagine is a Starbuck's line. Excellent, excellent job with the topic.
Wow, this is GOOD writing. I'd really like to read more. What an imagination at work.
The internal tension of your MC is palpable. Super writing. :)
Congratulations on your EC, and 1st place in Advanced. This was one of my favorites, and I'm excited to see how well it did. Great writing.
Despite the fact that I was in a meeting and should have been listening, when I read the first line of your article I was hooked and had to ignore my surroundings for the 5 minutes it took to read it. Deep, wrenching, and personal writings. Congrats!
Super writing, Lisa! Congrats on your EC!
You had me at the first "show," and I loved the back-and-forth of the show and tell. Great job. What happened next?
Masterful. Throughout your story you make the simple things seem so important and the profound seem so ordinary & believable - just masterful. I was very impressed with how you spaced out the past & present, you gave great insights & memories while not letting the reader forget what was currently taking place. A no doubt EC, congratulations.