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This is an extremely important message and well written. I enjoyed it very much.

I would have started the story right at the point of seduction in planning and woven the bits about truth and dare into it...just my HO!
This was an excellent piece illustrating the war between Jesus and the enemy. Very well done!
Great story and excellent lesson!

I think you could have left out... "Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about. Picture this scene:" It set it up as an example of dare winning out yet that wasn't your story... maybe instead you could suggest that we watch you in action... then it seems as if it is a fresh experience for both and anything might happen.

This would be great to share with teens. It really shows truth even when emotions and experience are trying to mask it. Gives them a great "other side" picture for both sides of the coin!
Nice job on the topic! In my HO, you could have Dare following the boy to the room and whispering the thoughts in his ear as a start to the piece, then have Dare shocked when he finds Truth there and expand on the struggle to win out. Excellent writing - you know how to draw the reader in!
Oh, very good, and handled with great sensitivity.

I was mildly confused once or twice, because both Truth and Dare spoke in italics. Maybe have one of them in bold, instead, to distinguish their voices?

This should absolutely be discussed in your church's youth group!
Really good story with an excellent message—more thsn one actually—people who pray, or should be praying, need to take note too. Well done.
Very well done. It's a perfect scene for showing the opposition to the Truth. Great job.
You already have many good suggestions so I'll just add that I really liked this - the voice(s) is/are especially good. :) Cat
"He exudes everything I despise." Excellent portrayal of this devious one. Very realistic setting and human characters. Great discussion starter for youth group study. :)
CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR WELL DESERVED WIN! Wonderful story, woven with the perfect balance of all the elements that make a story shine.
Congratulations, Pamela on your well-deserved EC win. Wonderful, thought provoking writing. Kudos! Loren
Woo hoo Pamela!!! I'm so happy to see your EC win, and this story was powerful to say the least. Well done.
Congratulations on your EC. This is a great take on the topic, and a very realistic story. Nice job.
A very important message tackled in a very creative way, congratulations on a well deserved EC.