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How we all need this moment of truth to enlighten our destiny. Beautiful tale.
So true. People need God and His truth. I really liked your closing line.
This was a great visual of life in poverty. I liked how you had a reference to a specific little girl that the narrated wanted to help. I also thought the sentence "And some weren't women," was great in its subtlety. The only improvement suggestion I can think of right now would be to take out "kinda" when describing the parents' expressions.
Great visuals in this story. Loved the $300 jeans...the girl, the "some weren't women."

The crux of it is in Tim's statement: “There are two truths in this city.” Tim said. “The truth of Christ and the truth of what’s happening out here on the street. Our job is to change the street truth with His truth.”

Very well put! Great job.
A chilling picture of San Francisco, and yes it's true. This is riveting and we must indeed be thankful the the real Truth!