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You kept me reading. Good story.
On the edge of my seat all the way.
Well, not really knowing anything about flying and all those technicol terms,it still sounded like very authentic dialouge, and especially the challenge of faith! I like it!
I had flashbacks to "Top Gun" when I read this! LOL I loved it...very authentic, very original.
Very riveting story! I enjoyed the ending. It brought resolution, but not in a neat everything's great package.
Oh, phew! You had my nose almost pressed to the monitor by the end! (and I'm not into these kinds of stories!) Excellent! You hooked me and reeled me in and planted seeds along the way. Super job!
Only one word for this--EXCELLENT! I'm so glad you're entering the Challenge; you're quickly being added to my list of wonderful writers.
You did a great job of creating a suspenseful story and weaving in the faith challenge through the "truth or dare" medium. One thing that I think would have improved it is if the narrator had mentioned at the very beginning that there was potential for danger on the patrol. I think in such a short piece like this, it's good to have a hook right away.
I agree with all of the above. This isn't anything more to add, except I really liked it, I was on edge of my seat.
Super story! Kept me engaged from beginning to end.
Wow! An excellently executed story! It flowed so smoothly with a masterful "use" of the topic.
Excellent writing! I don't have anything to add. Hope you get your wish. :)
This is brilliant and I'm amazed that a spiritual message was woven so seamlessly into the story. This is one of my favorite this week and hope it places.
I love this. Suspenseful, exciting, and your writing really leads the reader through everything that is happening. Nice job with the topic.
The beast that kills with one look? (The ancient allusion) Very suspenseful and entirely star-wars-like. The descriptions had me right there with them. My favorite part is when he flipped over and was facing his foe...very kewl!
Wow! Super exciting! Even with all of the unfamiliar jargon, I had no problem following the action and the story. Love the truth or dare part too. :) Excellent writing.