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An excellent analogy, and well-written devotion.
Excellent illustration!

I wonder if you could eliminate the first sentence, and just start with the burn--more of a hook, perhaps?

I've had some experience with slow-healing wounds, with my daughter with a spinal cord injury. I won't forget this object lesson.
This read like a great devotional to me and had a great message. Well done!
I like the healing process of body and spirit in this writing. Excellent!
Ouch! My grabbed my arm when you were talking about the burn. I loved the parallels you drew here. In my (limited) exposure to medicine in my job, I found this quite interesting. Thanks for the information on all levels. I also loved the quote at the end. Great job.
I was especially touched by the closing lines in this. In remembering (touching) Jesus's wounds, we are healed and comforted. The description of your job as a patient physician is a visual of the hands of Christ at work in you. Thank God for your diligence. My only red ink comment is that I do think this is a touch long winded in a few areas. A bit of trimming would make this shine even brighter. It's a piece all need to read. Thank you for blessing me with this.
Yes, God is patient with our impatience, isn't he? This is a great analogy.
I particularly like the use of "re-traumatised"- which is such a useful picture for emotional healing in particular. I once had an absess which had to be packed and not allowed to heal until it did so from the botttom up. Thanks for the reminder that premature healing is often dangerous.
Excellent lessons here. Good subject for the topic. Nicely done.
A very good and original illlustration. God wants us to be patient while He sets us right , doesn't He?
This piece really got me thinking. The part about healing too quickly caught my attention. Sometimes I have tried to just cover up my problems like a scab, but underneath the problem is still there (and often getting worse). This analogy gives me new insight. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us.