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I enjoyed this reminder of how being patient for God's timing is blessed.

I presume the last line was supposed to read
"She loved his Mom, too."
I like this. We make our plans, but God has His own plans and perfect timing. I like the way you showed the son's attitude on doing errands and knowing God has plans by the end of the story. Very nicely done.
This is wonderful!

My only tiny suggestion: we didn't really have a clue to Cody's age until the flashback, and I was picturing him much, much younger...a teen, even a pre-teen. Had to do some mental gymnastics to catch up.

Love the twists and turns, and the great last line. Super story!
This one is very sweet... I love a good romance... :-)
What a great love story:) Have a sequel in the works? Hope so!
So cute!!! Such gilded meaning in Stephanie's comment about angels in the snow, sort of like making lemonade from lemons is one of my takes on it. My only criticism is that I want to see/be shown the transformation from people who are strangers to people who become attracted to one another. Too much is placed on mom at that point. Let me see a touch, a glance, a comical incident, something specific and more direct to show us the fire that lights the spark between these two so that I can appreciate the playfulness at the end even more. Love the title!!
Yes, God does have a plan; a plan for you to write this story for instance. I wondered if it would end like it did and wasn't at all disappointed. Will there be a sequel? Sure hope so 'cause I like your writing!
I loved this story! I think the flashback could be more smoothly introduced, and the focus stay more on Cody throughout the story - maybe write from first person to make it more consistent? Great job - I definitely wanted to see more of that story!
Good things come to those who wait—patiently. Well done.
Oh, man. This was an awesome story! I loved how God worked everything out in Cody's life and sent him the right woman. I too would like to know what happens after this story ends. Is it based on a true story perhaps? ;)
Appealing characters and plot! I love a good love story and this looks like the start of one. (I, too, wanted more emphasis on the MC, but I'm partial to first person. (; ) Enjoyed reading this very much!
Cute story. I loved it. It didn't seem to be missing things to me. I followed it quite well.
Very sweet, Marita! I enjoy a good love story and would love to read more about these too!
Congratulations on 3rd place! this is excellent!!!! ;)
What a sweet story! I really enjoyed it. It's not always easy to wait for God's timing, but when we do, He never lets us down. Great job and congrats on placing!
I love this! The characterizations were perfect...especially the mom, she cracked me up. Excellent writing!