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Very nice allegory.
The lesson in your very well written allegory is priceless.
At first I thought that Tatiana must already be in Heaven with Jesus, and was surprised when I discovered that--figuratively, and, yet, not so figuratively--she goes to Jesus in her prayer/quiet time. This is the kind of thing that I wish I could express to unbelievers--the reality, the tangibility (Is that a word?) of going to Christ. I feel so much like Tatiana. Almost daily I have to ask Jesus for patience. ; )
Nicely done. I wasn't sure where this was going when it started, but the ending really drew me in. Beautiful.
Oh, this is good. I especailly loved the opening paragraph.

One suggestion... Consider not capitalizing all the pronouns at first. Let people suspect that the Master is God, but let them wonder for a bit too.

Over all, a great story. We all need to remember Who teaches us!
A lesson I could use some help with. Interesting approach to devotional life. Nicely done.
Very unique to you, Sarah! Love this allegory and the lesson to be learned by sitting at our Master's feet. I have much to learn from Him, too!
It threw me a little when the conviction entered in partway down....perhaps introducing her state of mind a little earlier might help. Overall, a very nice entry and great devotional. Good job!
Aw, a love song just for her. That touched my heart!
Great piece!
Your writing has improved so much since I first started reading your pieces (not that they ever were bad, but you have gotten even better). I agree with the above comments in regards to this being a beautiful allegory. Let us all take the time to learn patience from the Master.
Very imaginative and descriptive. Enjoyed the piece and the lesson - touching.