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Your entry is a well written account of the Bible story of Ruth, with a little creative imagining about Boaz's first love. I especially liked the conclusion.
Very nice expansion of the Bible story--I enjoyed this quite a bit.
Words and phrases very thoughtfully chosen. Excellent job with setting and suspense with "the watcher."
Sorry! My computer's too fast for me. Comment above was intended for the previous story.

At first, especially with the nickname "Bo" and the use of the word "business," I thought this was a modern day version of this biblical story. But, the last half seems to be set during the actual time of Boaz and Ruth, which is just fine by me. I love your characterization of Boaz (minus the nickname) because He doesn't want his flesh to overrule his obedience to God. God rewards him with the love of an honorable woman. Good job with imagery and characterization.
Yes, clever idea to imagine Boaz in this light. I agree that "Bo" kind of threw a curve ball where really really didn't need one. Good story.
I'm conflicted over how I feel about this story - I love the romance, the lost love, and new love found in its wake, but you've added a lot of fiction to the lives of these real Biblical people and I have strong convictions about that. But then again, I like the characterization of Boaz - you brought him to life for me and I've always wondered more about him. Your writing is excellent, and you hit the topic.
Nice writing, and good retelling. I agree - nix the "Bo" or just modernize the whole story. But otherwise it's very well-done!
Wow! Excellent can definitely write.

May God bless.

Dan Blankenship