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I would very much like to wake up with a prayer on my lips - and a first published book delivered by the postman! I loved the contrast between your own lack of patience and the truth that God is always patient.
The two verses you "sandwiched" your story between were excellent choices. I'd love to wake up to receiving a novel, written by "this writer." I could feel your patience and humility through your writing.
That would be a wonderful feeling!

Watch out for cliches and "Christian-ese"--look for fresh ways to express ideas...and I believe you're missing a word in your next-to-last sentence.

I can't think of a nicer delivery!
We all like to dream. This is a writer's own fantasy, which is fine for the typical writers challenge audience but may not touch non-writers in the same way.

If only the first novel was the end of the road. Then I might arrive one day.
And what a wonderful day that is going to be...I am so happy you won't have to wait much longer! HUGS!
Ah, yes... it certainly is my dream. Well done.
Hey Chrissy, congratulations! Guess that's why you wrote this nice little piece. I like how you put your thoughts of humility into the story. A perfect title!
A great concept, though I agree with you - a bit short. It doesn't really draw the reader into the moments where you're waiting. Maybe add in the days before while you're waiting, and the disappointment when the postman doesn't deliver day after day, or even the waiting to hear from the publisher. That would make this day a much more exciting moment for the reader as well. :)
Great message here. It may be short, but you said all that was needed. Well done.
Just the thought of having my own published novel in my hand seems like it's going to be light years away, but I am so happy to hear that it is becoming a reality for you. How exciting!
Short, concise, and to the point. And a good reminder to all of us "not so patient" writers. :-)
You have expressed the feelings of a writer's accomplishment very well, of joy, fulfillment and thankfulness all mixed together in seeing his or her first published book. Writing is certainly a job requiring perseverance and patience, always forward looking with hope, and with completion, joy beyond words bundled with satisfaction.
How perfect for "Patience", and how timely your own delivery. I enjoyed the emotions you portrayed in your MC - very nice! (And congrats!!!!!) :) Cat