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Beautiful, engaging, tender story.
I shivered just reading this; good job with the atmosphere.

Be careful of the clich and the often-used phrase, and FYI: fianc is spelled with one "e" to indicate a man, two "e"s for a woman.

I really like your title, it fits the mood of the piece perfectly.
Nice job setting up the action and leading to the climax. You always write the emotions clearly, drawing the reader in to feel the tensions. Really nice writing in many ways. :)
You drew me into the story and your descriptions were wonderful.
Simply beautiful and oh so moving. I was confused in the first section whether Mark was there with her or not - it seems like he is, but I think their conversation was meant as a flashback? I agree with Jan also about cliches. But I truly loved this story of our Lord's love and His heart's desire that we love Him above all - even the mate He chooses for us. Great story for the topic. WELL DONE! :) Cat
Lots of truth in this piece. There are so many people nowadays that go through the motions of church, thinking that those motions are what's going to save them and help them draw closer to God. It's no surprise that they come up empty-handed every time. It's all about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and you masterfully illustrated that here.
A beautifully told story.