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Oh, horrible and tragically sad. I just want to cry for this woman and pray if it is a true story for anyone, they will get the biblical counseling they need to walk through it.
This is absolutely heart-breaking, and I hope with all my being that it's fiction.
Wow, this is chilling. I was intrigued by the title and I was not disappointed.
Gripping and heart-breaking, especially knowing it's true. I thought the title was excellent for this and liked that you repeated it toward the end. Again, I'm not sure what you should change, if anything at all.
My questions: (which really don't need answered by your writing)
*What is wrong with that man (or made him that way) that he treated you like that?
*Of course, I wanted to know more after the story ended (which you would probably answer is subsequent stories).
*What happens to your relationship, and to Ray?
*I know this isn't God's plan for marriage. (husbands love your wives)
Oh, Joy! (((Hugs))) I'm so thankful for my loving husband, but I think this could be my story if I were in this situation. It would hard for me to go beyond my husband's word.
I can see this as part of a longer autobiography.