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I am in stitches! I'm also in disbelief that there is a human being who can write this creatively. I mean, it's one thing to dream it up, but to be able to write it so that others can be a part of it with you, that takes skill. Very well done in my book. Thank you for the entertainment!
This is hilarious, and oh-so-creative!

There were are few places where I had a hard time figuring out who was talking...maybe some tags or attributions would help a bit?

Love the quick pacing, and the snappy dialogue. Very fun to read.
Oh my! This was too, too funny. I'm choking on my oatmeal as I read. Picturing Al Gore as a hunky beast is just too big a leap for the imagination.

I just love the Cooks. This was brilliant; simply brilliant!
Nice job. I especially enjoyed the "public service announcement" in Treehugger's thoughts. :) I agree that the dialogue gets a little confusing but the story was still easy to follow. I'm glad I don't have to wait for a hint on Monday to figure out which one was yours! :)
Very humorous...title was especially eye-catching.
Your humor and creativity never cease to amaze me. WOW! I snarfed at the line, "Who invented the internet?" LOL. Well done. (Oh, and GREAT title;)
This was priceless! What a talent you have. Thanks for a wonderful read. Blessings, Cheri
Super duper!! I did get lost a few times, especially toward the end, and I had to backtrack, but I had a blast reading this
Interesting read, saving the environment with less tar and smoke. Gore, as a matter of fact, is not the inventor of the Internet, although his political contributions to the development is significant, but then again this story is not about facts. Josh, you have once again given everyone a good laugh with your great sense of humor! (",)
I look forward to your entries each week. They're always creative and this one didn't disappoint. Love your humor.
I really enjoyed this all the way through! You really should submit "The Cooks" to Laser & Sword magazine:
The title alone had me wanting to read this--and gagging. Loved the part about the internet--too funny.

I, too, got a little lost at the very end, but the whole piece was very imaginative, and funny. Nice job with the topic.
Oh, Josh, I love your "Meet the Cooks" stories. You have to compile these in a book, if not a Marvel or Dell comic. :) They are wonderful.
Funny, funny, funny! This just reeks of creativity. Well done.
You deserve some award for your title alone. :) .. So funny! Where did you ever come up with the name Polluto? Ha ha! You pretty much covered all dangerous chemical pollutants in this. Someone may report you to Michael Moore. :) Thank you for the teleportation clarification too. Great fun writing!
Even funnier than episode one.