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This girl reminds me of the protagonist in the very good YA novel called "Stargirl"--you've got to admire her spunk!

Great title. This may be a tad light on topic, but I enjoyed reading it a great deal.
Wow, I could see Devi, and you made me want to know her.
I just visited Mt. Ranier this summer but only to look, not to climb. That really gave this a more personal feel to it. Very nice tribute to a really great woman!
Hi: Well written - Very intresting and wonderful truibute. Nice to read a true story about someone who lived in our day - Hope you do well with your story. Thank you.
This was a beautiful tribute with such a touching end. And the title was perfect. Very well written.
Excellent descriptive writing. You showed the character of the MC so that the reader felt they knew her. Good job. :)
Very good writing. You described her perfectly. It's amazing how one person can make such a difference in the world. If only all of us were that courageous!
I like your writing style - very direct, yet engaging, with descriptions that do the job well without being cumbersome. I enjoyed reading this tribute to a girl you knew for a short time, but obviously made a huge impact on your life.
Beautifully written with a wonderfully nostalgic feel.