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What a great take on doubting Thomas! You were on topic all the way through and let us see into the mind and heart of this tormented man who wanted so much to believe but his commitment to reason over faith caused him such anguish. But our patient, loving Lord proved to Thomas' satisfaction that it was indeed He. Yours was a gripping account of those tense and troubled days. Kudos!!
Excellent study of Thomas, his background and his motivations. This speculative fiction really explains a lot.

I found the bold and the colors distracting. You're a good writer; you can trust your words to speak your message, and you don't need to rely on "tricks".

I enjoy Biblical fiction that reaches just a bit beyond the familiar text. This was a good read.
I loved this, and I am a reader who enjoys seeing Jesus'words highlighted in a different color.......His words are sacred and should be prominent in text.
Actually this account gave me goosebumps, as if Jesus came into my living room!
Thank you so much.God Bless.
Passionate story with a great message. Well done.
Even though I know this story, you brought it to life again. The ending brought tears to my eyes. Very well done. Thank you.