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Enjoyable as usual. I'm really looking forward to reading more :)
Je le trouve vraiment tres agreable.Elle est originale.Merci, monsieur! (Au revoir :0)
Glad to see the "tan hat" back - wish it was the floppy one! :) You are keeping us on the edge of our seats dub - Wonderful!
Merci pour vos commentaires gentils.
Dub, you're mean! :-D

Good job, fast paced, interesting read!
Oh, it still isn't her???! Yep, as Amy says, you're mean alright! I still enjoy the suspense.
I'm just happy to see another chapter! I would like to see more involvement as to the revolutionary turning of events along with. It's tough I'm sure to do within 750 words! yikes! I have enjoyed reading these 5 chapter's, looking forward to the next.
God bless ya,
Another exciting and engaging read. Looking forward to the expanded book version
It never ceases to amaze me what you can do with 750 words. Keep it up!
You are a stinker aren't you! It was not Monique!
As a Newbie I'm reading this cold - it is obviously part of a series, though?? Enjoyed the French atmosphere as well as the dialogue! And the shock value when it's not Monique....oh man!!!
Dub--When I read your chapter's I'm seeing the action so vididly in my head. It's cathartic, and that's what writing is truely about. Thank you for sharing your talents.
Another nice installment. Keep it going, you're a pro!
May I offer my heart felt thanks to those who have offered comments on "A Crepe Heart." The series is honestly God driven, and will continue after the next round, although I will have to put it under generic names, but rest assured, Charles, Jacques, Jean, Maurice, the Countess, Monique, and Shari (oops you have not met her yet), will continue for many more issues.
Again, I appreciate any and all comments - this series is building to something bigger with the Lord's will. Thank you - dub
I've just come home after a weeks vacation. It is after 10:00 p.m., but I just had to open the Faithwriters challenge to look for the Crepe Heart seriec. I have not been disappointed. : )
Not exactly bedtime reading, but I did need to take a peek before the Challenge moved on. : )
Great cliffhanger! This is going to be a fun novel when it is all put together.