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I enjoyed Jonah's conversation with God. Then, I wasn't expecting the fish's point of view. Unique writing on the topic. Good job!
Fun and interesting spin on this. : )
You had me laughing throughout your story! Excellent twist with the whale talking to God! I didn't expect the whale to be the character. Was it the whale all the way through the story? I read it to be so.

This is one of my favorites! I love the line "are you satisfied?"

Keep writing!
ROFL! What a hoot! This was hilarious read, especially from the whale's POV. I love the ongoing dialouge, it was fresh, funny and definitely the best twist. A favorite of mine for this week. Great writing! ^_^
This is great! I love the bit where the giant fish is hoping it doesn't hurt as much in reverse. You have such a fresh and original sense of humor. Very clever!
LOL. I almost missed this entry, and that would have been a shame.

At first I read this and thought "gee, that sounds like my conversations with God." Then I realized that this was the fish that swallowed up Jonah. Very nice twist! I loved the humor that you injected into this. Delightful, Holly!