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Very unique descriptive writing on topic. And it sent me to read the Bible reference.
Am I reading in the "cleanliness is next go Godliness" theme in here? Interesting point of view here because you've used great detail. I like how Youngun has to be mentored, adding another dimension to, uh, dirt.
Very entertaining! Although most people generally don't have amoebas on their hands....nevertheless it works well for the story. A well-crafted story.
This was a very creative concept for this week's topic. At first I didn't know what was going on, but you quickly pulled me into the story and I began to understand what was happening.

I'm really surprised that you aren't in masters right now. With a few more entries like this, I'm sure you will be. Awesome job!
The germs go marching two by two... harrah, harrah.

Definately unique POV. I was actually rooting for the germs to make it.
Very original. I can honestly say I would NEVER have thought of "germ warfare" for this topic. Truly creative.
Gulp. Okay....I think I've got to go wash my hands now...just in case! Very good descriptions...extremely vivid and I even though I wanted the MC's to succeed...I didn't want the germs to win! Lol! Excellent writing! ^_^
Hi James..reference Uk faithwriters, there are two of us from my Church on the Isle of Wight, Patricia Todd and myself.
Interested in your creative arts possibilitites; My emphasis is on poetry with spiritual themes
and a few articles/ testimonies.