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I love Fraggy and Grut. What a cute couple. Very good story-telling and wonderful descriptions.
I like this! What a great story, done with compelling descriptions.
This was hard for me to get into, as I don't generally enjoy stories about Fragoozles. Once I got past me prejudice, I realized the story was quite entertaining, and had a wonderful moral. Nice job.
I love your fragoozles, and who'd have thought how you would manage to tuck in such a great message.
The writing is excellent. And you are an excellent writer!!! I absolutely loved your last entry!! I am a big fan of the more realistic pieces. This was hard for me to stick with because it seems like it was written for children, which is fantastic, but the message itself seems more appropriate for teens or adults. It was just hard for me--maybe because I am odd--to mesh the theme with the genre/mode. Individually the two are good, but together, they just didn't work for me. Hope this helps. I cringe when I leave red ink critiques because I never know how they'll be received, but know that do it with an honest, compassionate, sister-in-christ heart.
I love new words and reading experiences. Very pleasent and entertaining. God bless.
This is a story that really appealed to me because of the subject matter. Being a young and single guy wanting to get married someday, I find that it is often hard for me to wait on God's perfect timing. This story gives me hope that if I wait on God, then he will send the right woman into my life at the right time.

I think this story would appeal to a lot of other young adults in the same situation as me. Married folks might not get the point, but that doesn't matter. They aren't your target audience anyways. Thank you for sharing this.
Oh, wow. This was WAY too much fun, and it even has a message to boot. I love your imaginary world and creatures. This line made me chuckle: "He reached out with his gnarled fingers and tenderly brushed moss from her nose." Two thumbs up!
Awww... This was sweet, cute and thoroughly enjoyable, but with a great message too. I love how in her quest to find her mate, she first and foremost found her Maker. I really liked this. :)
Fantastic Fragoozling! After having read a number of other "real-world" entries, this took me by suprise, pleasantly!
With all the descriptions, this was fun and with a great message. I especially enjoyed the 3rd from the bottom paragraph.
Such charm in your creativity. Well-written story. :) IMHO - I would have preferred an entirely different name to your creatures. "Fragoogle" was so close to the copyrighted "Fragle Rock" series. Great message. :)
OOOOH! Very fun! I loved this new look at an 'old problem'. Especially the characters and Fraggy herself, such a fun read, with a good lesson. I especially liked Grut. Nice job! ^_^
Haha! This is so cute, I love this story. Nicely done.
What a cute story! You engaged me from the start. Love it.
AWWWWWWWWW! I love this little tail of truth and creativity. Good for Grut and Fraggy. Great story!
This is very good. I like the unique take on the subject as well as the originality of the characters ... great job.
This is a great story, although I was caught off guard. I thought at first I was reading a children't story. After a bit I began to think what a neat way to put the message.

My oldest is a 16 year old girl who thinks about one day meeting the man God has set aside for her. This is the message I usually tell her, in my boring mom way.

Anyway, please forgive the rambling. I enjoyed the read.

Great job.
This was AWESOME...truly one of my favorites for the week!

Loved it!