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What an intense entry. I felt like I was hiding, too.
At first I thought it was a game, but soon realized by whom the MC was being pursued. What a relieve that he reached the Rock. I was touched by this very spiritual piece. Excellent!
Wow. This is intense. The countdown really works. I'm glad he made it to the ROCK. Great job.
I loved this, Josh. Very intense and metaphorical...another solid entry (even if it was outside your comfy norm). Well done!
The count down was very effective. Your writing was very taut.

It was a little disappointing, (from a narrative point of view), that the protagonist escaped with so little effort on his part. (Then again that was the message). Perhaps he could have been obliged to make a chose and add to the inner conflict?

I enjoyed this. Thanks.
I thought it was very well-written. I'm not entirely clear on the significance of the "game" of hide-and-seek, though. I enjoyed the spiritual connection and it was quite reminiscent of Psalm 11.
Wow! I had to read faster and faster. I was completely enthralled in this and that's hard to do with my 4 kids running around. Well done!
Well-written, emotionally compelling piece. You continually stretch your potential, Josh. Great work. :)
He is our hiding place, a strong fortress, and upon this Rock, we shall be safe. Thank you for sharing scriptural truths from an unusual perspective. You have captured the intensity of fear very vividly, and conveyed the peace we have in God's dwelling place very well.
This is a very intense piece. You've kept up the pace (of both speed and emotional state) of the MC very well with the images of heavy breathing and crashing through the forest.
Good message too - we often feel as if we are running on our own, but if we hang in there and keep going we will surely find the Rock of refuge.
Don't kid yourself, Josh. This is very well done. You can definitely do other styles besides humor. I enjoyed this, and loved the symbolism. It was a good, intense read.
Whoa! Definitely powerful stuff! I love this entry. It's one of my faves for this week. The momentum you build up with the numbers and then the frantic pace and feeling. ^_^ Good writing!
WOW - so intense, Josh. Your descriptions are incredibly vivid, and the tension was palpable. I'm still shaking :)
This story had me hooked, right from the start. I thought I knew where it was heading, and was assured of that as the story progressed. You did so well to bring the reader right up to the point of being out of breath and exhausted along with the protagonist of the story...Relief, as he found the place of hiding. Thanksgiving, as he saw the pursuer destroyed. Peace, as we rest in the solid rock of our Salvation. Great writing!...Helen
Wow, this is great, Josh! Excellent job using descriptive words to make the reader feel a part of the story...
You had me holding my breath with this one Josh. So full of tension. This is a great analogy. You've done a great job here even if it is out of your comfort zone. Well done.
Interesting writing, you have come a long way. I was not blown away by the characterizations because that's the way most people think. The devil being the pursuer when it's usually Christ as the pursuer. Daily he is pursuing us to be better people. Just a thought.
Your writing has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few months, my friend. This is wonderfully descriptive and had me right on the edge of my seat!